Smart / ICT enabled Classroom

The college acknowledges the need for innovation & creativity in teaching so that the learning experience of the students becomes more comprehensive, sustainable, and contributory to the society at large. Keeping this in view the college has incorporated many creative and innovative methods in its teaching-learning methodology.

1. Classes are arranged in the smart classroom for presenting audio-visual materials to increase the interest and comprehension of students.

2. Special lectures by experts from various fields are arranged by the teachers according to the need of the students.

3. A multipurpose, multi-disciplinary computer laboratory is used extensively to make the students proficient in computer knowledge.

4. The teachers employ experiential learning processes such as taking students to field trips, campus tours, and village tours for their practical learning.

5. To commemorate the great leaders and celebrate important days, students are encouraged to participate in debates, discussions, or go on rallies promoting social awareness.

6. Some faculty members use PowerPoint presentations for their lectures and Google forms for taking feedbacks.

7. Students are also motivated to use the internet, You-Tube, and such tools to know the latest developments in their specific topics. WhatsApp groups are also used for sharing learning and ideas.

8. The college has also arranged an E-corner facility at Library with four computers for net surfing and making photocopies of study materials.