Mission & Vision

Vision :
-To provide higher education in the rural areas of the state.

Mission :
-Encourage students to enroll in higher studies.
-Guiding and supporting the students to complete the course.
-Affording to reduce the number of dropout students.
-Motivating the students to become self-reliant.
-Developing required infrastructure for quality learning
-Collaboration with the local institutions and inhabitations for the development of the surrounding.
-Promoting national and traditional values among the students.

Objectives :
-To provide knowledge, wisdom, and skills to students as per the current situation.
-To enhance the abilities of students for their career development
-To identify career avenues and motivate them to go ahead with their future career
-To make students competitive to fetch employment in different sectors
-To encourage students and to make them self-reliance
-To provide a forum for cooperation from teachers and other stakeholders