1: Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

Library is known as the heart of any academic institution. It is the power house which has various sources information through which knowledge is expanded. Keeping in mind this fact, the library of the college has been improving with increase numbers of books. The college purchase books from time to time as per the funds given by the government. At present, it has total 4,551 books. These are most text books covering syllabus of BA Programme. The library is used by both teachers and students. The college Library is being taken care of by one Library Assistant. The college also strives to transform from a manual library to an automated one to help the students to find the books that they require.

2: Collection of rare books, manuscripts, special reports or any other knowledge resources for library enrichment

The college has very limited collection of rare books and other knowledge resources for library enrichment. Since the college is purely Government College, the collection of books, manuscripts, special reports and on the knowledge resources completely depend on the Department of Higher Education, Government of Tripura and its amount of funding for the purpose of library enrichment. The research activities in the college are very minimal by teachers and these are being done by their individual capacities. The college doesn’t have research infrastructure and hence the collection of rare books, manuscripts, special reports or any other knowledge resources is also minimal. The college doesn’t have sufficient funds for collecting aforesaid categories of books.

Number of the Books in the Library

Subjects Number of the Books
Bengali 1706
English 643
Education 791
History 655
Political Science 692
Philosophy 321
Kokborok 372
Foundation Courses 97
Mathematics 26
Physics 21
Chemistry 16
Miscellaneous Books 638
Total 5951