Green Initiatives

Solid Waste Management:
Government Degree College, Santirbazar, Tripura has an established protocol for managing the disposal of solid waste in environment and health friendly manner. The solid waste is divided into three group namely Biodegradable waste, Non-biodegradable waste, and Biohazards/Toxic waste. These are separately colored coded bins with proper labeling The college has done adequate campaigning through banners and awareness manual for all.

Vermi Compost Unit:
Vermi composting is the process by which warms are used to convert organic material (Usually Wastes) in to humus like material known as Vermi compost. The college installed vermin compost unit in the campus for the plants in the College. Raw material for the unit usually plants leaf which is collected by the NSS volunteers. After some time it is converted into compost and it is being used in the college garden.

E-waste management:
Reuse is the most eco-friendly and cost effective method for e-waste disposal. The college has taken resolution to manage its e-waste into resources by employing effective management system. The college uses its monitors, keyboards, mouse, and other electronic instruments in a proper way takes its proper care. Being a new college, it has not produced so much of e-wastes so far.

Green Practices:
The college has taken number of green practices in the campus. Such are
- Waste Free Campus
-Pollution Free Campus
-Plastic Free Campus
-Green landscaping with trees and plants
-The college generally produces very minimal waste and these wastes are naturally biodegradable and therefore, the campus generally remains as waste free campus.
-The college generally organizes various cleanliness programmes in the campus to keep the college clean and pollution free.
-The college too organizes ‘Banomahostav’ (Tree Plantation) in the campus every year, which has been making the campus greener day by day.
-The Canteen of the college started to use paper cups instead of plastic cups to make the campus plastic free.
-The college has two beautiful gardens, approximately 500 sq. meters each, which is regularly taken care of. Seasonal flowers are planted to increase the glamour of the college. Only biofertilizers are used in this garden.

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