Examination / Results

The evaluation of the students is very important to know the efficacy of the entire teaching-learning system. It is an integral part of teaching and learning. The semester examinations are conducted in the institution on behalf of the university. The question papers of examinations are designed and provided by the university and the answer papers are evaluated at the central level by the examiners appointed from the college faculty members. Two session examinations are organized every semester as per the guidelines of the university with a weightage of 20 marks in each paper. From the very beginning of the academic year, the entire process of evaluation is systematically planned and presented before the students. At the beginning of the session, faculty members share the syllabus, course objectives, nature and pattern of question papers, and weightage of marks for the topics prescribed as per the norms and regulations. Continuous multimodal evaluation is conducted for the internal assessments of the students in form of written assessments, Oral Tests, project writing, Field-Tours, and Site Visits, etc. The followings are the evaluation processes implemented by the institution:

1. Written Assessment:
Written assessments are conducted for the internal assessments and the Semester Examinations. This helps the students to improve their writing skills, logical thinking, communication skill, composition skill, etc.

2. Oral Assessment:
Oral assessments are part of Internal Assessments and used extensively during classroom assessments. This develops communication skills, confidence, and personality among the students.

3. Project-work:
All the students of the 6th Semester are given projects as per the guidelines of the university. The teachers evaluate the projects based on the work done by the students and active participation for completion of the project. The objectives to enhance critical thinking, analytical skill, and collaborative learning skills are fulfilled through project works.
Besides, throughout the session, academic performance students are evaluated by the faculty through group discussion, questioning, and participation in the class.