NSS (National Service Scheme)

NSS (National Service Scheme) plays an important role for the students of the nation as it teaches them to be responsive to the call of the society whenever asked for. Keeping this in mind the college encourages students to join as NSS volunteers and to have an idea as to how to serve the nation.In the last five years, the NSS Unit and the departments have carried out number activities like Swachha Bharat Programme, International Women’s Day, Statehood Day, Language Day, Awareness Programmes, World Aids Day and National Deworming Day etc. It too organize a Special Camp every year. In addition to it, the NSS Unit has adopted a village ‘Paul Para’ on 08/01/2019 to ensure its all-round development and pledge to take the following activities like Awareness Programme, cleanliness and hygiene Programme, socio-economic programme, development related program, empowerment related programme, environment related programme, rights-based related Programme, educational based related programme, etc

NSS Programme Officer :- Sri Babul Sharma, PGT (Department of Political Science)

NSS Regular Activities in the Society and College Campus

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